Monday, 27 April 2009

Hurray Rain !

Well that sounds daft but I'm glad for a bit of rain, the peas are just poking their heads through and will really appreciate the drink as will everything else that's growing.
Last year I completely forgot to harvest my Jerusalem artichoke patch and now it has invaded a bit more of the plot.

We managed to get some brassicas seedlings in the other day & unlike previous years I've remembered to cover them straight up . The wood pigeons seem to take perverse delight in dining on them 5 minutes after you've locked the gate and realised you forgot to cover them.
Last year I managed to get hold of some debris netting that proved great, no caterpillars or birds.


  1. love reading your blog!, do you find that the mice eat your peas if planted straight in to the ground as seeds? I have to start them off in toilet rolls first in my greenhouse then plant them.
    lou x

  2. great..nice artical and publishing by you...appreciate on you...thanks for giving detail..

    happy after reading your blog....


  3. Sorry I missed your comment Lou, yeah the little devils eat them if I plant them direct, but if I sprinkle chilli powder in with the pea seeds they don't they seem to be safe then!