Saturday, 12 November 2011

Courgettes & squarefoot gardening in our back garden

Just thought I'd post a couple of photo's of my back garden. I took these I think about 2 yrs back. We were trying some square foot gardening in the first one.
Strawberries in tubs on the wall, tubs from the poundshop and the strawberries where grown from seed. In the main bed at the front there's courgette's and lettuce. I also tried growing sweetcorn amongst the courgettes but they soon got swamped and lost.
On the right there's beetroot, spring onions and carrots. Also those two beds on the right you can see young been plants growing, the swiftly grew to become the "hedge" you can see on the left of the second picture.
The beds themselves are made out of reclaimed decking boards, 2 years on they are still in great shape, just need a coat of fence paint.
The greenhouse is sporting it's summer overcoat of debris netting which makes great sun shading.

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