Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Digging finished

Well I finished the majority of the digging on the plot before Christmas, plus I ordered a raspberry collection from J.Parkers these are the one's I bought, came very promptly within 10 days I was very surprised how fast they came, plus I got some free bulbs

I found a few more plants amongst the weeds at the top of the plot, so I moved them down to be with others. The found ones are those with the leaves still on. Hopefully they will survive the move.

I was given a 3/4 full roll of Mypex so I've used it for the paths along the long run of the plot, and around the raspberrys. Hoping it'll stop or slow down the weeds coming through from my neighbour, now just to stop the dreaded twitch( couch grass ) from coming under the slab path from my other neighbour a weed war on 2 fronts !, I buried some old laminate floor boards along the path edge that might slow them down we'll see. In the spring a good dose of Sodium Chlorate I have stored in the shed at home may help too.

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